Unfulfilled - Why we're hiring UK talent, and flying them out to Aus!

🎙 unfulfilled episode 2 is out now!🎙
Huge thank you to Anthony Barone from StudioHawk! Available to listen to here 👇

Welcome to the second installment of Unfulfilled, the podcast that delves into the journeys of people shaping the e-commerce landscape.  

Join us in today's episode as we sit down with  Anthony Barone from StudioHawk, a specialised agency dedicated to search engine optimisation (SEO).

During this episode, we journey through Anthony's experiences, including his relocation from Australia to the UK, his role in fostering partnerships, deep diving into the world of SEO, StudioHawk's relocation opportunity for UK talent to go to Australia, the agency social club, and the unique StudioHawk culture.


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