Unfulfilled - Mapping the Future: what3words' Global Impact

🎙 unfulfilled episode 17 is out now!🎙
Huge thank you to Will from what3words! Available to listen to here 👇

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Welcome to episode 17 of Unfulfilled, the podcast that delves into the journeys of people shaping the eCommerce landscape.

Explore the innovative world of what3words with partnerships manager Will Irvine, as he sheds light on their unique three-word addressing system transforming eCommerce and emergency services. Discover how this method enhances location accuracy, streamlines deliveries, and saves lives. Will dives into the challenges of changing behaviours, the power of partnerships in adoption, and the system's creation inspired by a music event mishap.

Join us for an engaging discussion on the future plans, algorithm intricacies, and the passionate team driving what3words into new markets and making a global difference.


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