Unfulfilled - Expanding Horizons: BigCommerce's Growth Strategy

🎙 unfulfilled episode 16 is out now!🎙
Huge thank you to Sam from BigCommerce! Available to listen to here 👇

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Welcome to episode 16 of Unfulfilled, the podcast that delves into the journeys of people shaping the eCommerce landscape.

Join Luke Plain as he sits down with Sam Jackson, Partner Growth Manager at BigCommerce, for an insightful exploration into the eCommerce world.

Discover Sam's journey from recruitment to eCommerce, the essence of his role, and how BigCommerce cultivates its vital relationships with agencies and merchants. Delve into the core values of trust and collaboration that define the industry, the challenges BigCommerce face, and their strategies for future growth and development. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of eCommerce success and partnership dynamics.


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