Unfulfilled - Maximising Growth: Fountain's Digital Mastery

🎙 unfulfilled episode 10 is out now🎙
Huge thank you to Marcus from Fountain Partnership! Available to listen to here 👇

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Welcome to episode 10 of Unfulfilled, the podcast that delves into the journeys of people shaping the eCommerce landscape.

Join us as Marcus Hemsley, co-founder of Fountain Partnership, reveals the strategies that skyrocketed their digital marketing success. Learn about client-focused approaches, optimising e-commerce, and building a winning team culture. 

Marcus delves into optimising website conversions, the impact of industry awards, and the importance of a full-funnel approach. He discusses the value of culture in recruitment, team building, and sustaining long-term business relationships.

Essential listening for insights on elevating your digital marketing game.


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